Discord Safety Center

Discord is a place dedicated to talking and hanging out with your friends, family and communities. Millions of diverse communities are on Discord, from small groups of old friends to huge servers where hundreds of thousands of people can connect over shared interests. Discord isn’t a social media platform. There is no algorithm deciding what you should see, no endless scrolling, no news feed, no counting likes, no going viral. Instead, Discord is a place where everyone can be themselves and spend time with other people who share their interests and hobbies. Conversations on Discord are driven only by the people you choose and the topics you pick.


We want to make sure that Discord has the ability for everyone to have a safe, positive and inclusive experience, no matter what brought them here. For that to happen, we must all agree to a set of rules that govern our interactions on Discord. When you sign up to Discord, you agree to follow the rules below and refrain from behavior that isn’t allowed on the service. In exchange, it’s our job to make sure your experience is everything it can be. Here are the principles that guide the society we want to create on Discord:

We’re determined to make sure that Discord will always be a welcoming place for you.

There’s a huge responsibility in being a place where hundreds of millions of people talk to each other.

Privacy is incredibly important to us.

We do not monitor every server or every conversation. We do not sell your data, nor do we share it with third parties for advertising purposes.

Safety is just as important.

We don’t sit back and simply wait for reports, but instead act to protect everyone on the platform. We know that there are cases where bad actors are acting to cause violence or harm in the real world, and we make it clear to them that there’s no place for them on Discord.

Finally, Discord is pseudonymous.

Your account on Discord doesn’t have to be tied back to your identity, and we want to make sure that everyone can be their true self. But that doesn’t mean that someone can be free of the consequences of their actions.

Controlling Your Experience

These resources will help you learn how you can create the best Discord experience for you. We cover everything from account tips, to server management, to how to report problems directly to our Trust and Safety team.

Parents & Educators

We know that teenagers and students are excited about communicating on Discord, which can lead to questions from parents and educators. Here you can find our top tips for your teens and classroom as they use Discord.

How We Enforce Rules

These articles help provide clarity about how we address different situations on Discord, from how we investigate to how we work with 3rd parties like law enforcement. You can also find our annual transparency report here.