We built Discord to bring gamers together

The best relationships in our lives were built around playing games. Memories of staying up late playing Warcraft 3 with friends or sharing creations in The Sims mean so much to us. Discord's free voice and text chat is about making it easier for you to spend time with the people you care about, create these memories, and land a headshot or two.

Who we are

Gamers, nerds, moms, dads, engineers, designers, marketers, support. Discord is a small group of passionate gamers whose mission is to bring people together around games. Diversity and inclusiveness are a critical part of how we get there. We believe that with diversity comes a better product, better decisions, and a better work environment. Everyone here is committed to making Discord representative of the world we want to live and play in.

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People really <3 us too

You don't need to look much farther than our Twitter stream to see the sentiment

Twitter: @RivalEsportsGG

Pro Rivalry League


Discord has helped us run our organization, make new friends, and experience unforgettable moments. We couldn't do without it.

Twitter: @sn0wbirdtbh



Discord is the most stable VOIP service available. Its intuitive and customizable design offers top of the line service for any community.

Twitter: @lovelessashi

Princess Ashley


Discord has wonderful uptime, quality sound, amazing features, simplicity, customizable, seamless, gaming overlay, quick bug fixes, awesome PR, and more.


We’ll just leave these here...

"Honestly, Discord is just killing it from their tech to their people. Excited to see what comes next."

Top Twitch StreamerLirik

"Our close knit community wouldn't have been made possible without Discord - it was the perfect tool to bring our community to the next level."

/r/overwatch modWhytro

"Discord is an increasingly big deal and it's worth your time to take a look if you're seeking more ways to connect with the communities around the games you play."

MashableAdam Rosenberg

Some of the smartest investors believe in us

We've raised over $200,000,000 from top VCs in the valley like Greylock, Benchmark, and Tencent. In other words, we'll be around for a while.

Come make some Discord in "Sunny" San Francisco

Become part of a passionate group of gamers passionate about passionately crafting exceptional products they’re passionate about. Whew.