Five years ago, Discord launched as just a browser app. No desktop app, no phone. Some of you may be gasping at this ancient secret.

At the start, we wanted to be confident that everyone could access their conversations and hang out with their friends from anywhere, without having to worry about downloads and installations. Supporting a fully-functional, browser-only experience was the best way to achieve this goal.

This ease of use still holds true today. Wherever you happen to be, on whatever kind of computer you’re on — even if it’s that weird hotel computer no one usually touches — if it has a web browser, then we have you covered.

With newer features such as QR Code Login, you can sign into the web app in the blink of an eye, and save your precious phone battery for more important uses. Using a public computer? Be sure to sign out when you’re done, or use an incognito browser tab so you don’t have to worry about signing out once you close the window.

We’ve also been expanding the number of browsers we support. In addition to the currently-supported browsers Chrome, Firefox, and Opera, we recently implemented proper support for Safari! Along with keeping up with all the latest major features such as Server Video, we also squashed a handful of voice-related bugs, including:

  • Joining a voice channel for the first time will automatically try to unmute and get the proper device permissions. You’ll no longer speak into the abyss until someone notices you haven’t been talking since you joined.
  • After leaving a voice channel, microphone and camera access will be properly restored to the rest of your system. This means your web browser will stop saying it has access to your devices when it hasn’t actually been using them for a while.
  • Joining a voice channel while intentionally muted no longer shows that we can’t hear any input from you.

Help Us Make Browser Better

No matter where Discord goes from here, or what sorts of snazzy new devices are released in the future, Discord will always be available to use in your browser of choice, no matter what sort of operating system it runs. If you can open Chrome, Firefox, Opera, or Safari on it, you can use Discord.

On the off-chance you happen to come across a bug in the browser app that’s in need of squishing, we’d love your help in continuing to make the browser app the best it can be! Hop on over to our Discord Testers server and let us know if you see anything fishy…or crawly.

Whether you’re on a weekend road trip, you’re visiting extended family and need to borrow your cousin’s PC, or just want to check in while at the library, your friends and communities will always be a quick QR scan away at discord.com/login.