A season of comfort. A season of belonging. Once a year, the Discord community comes together to celebrate together in a single server through the holiday spirit. We make new friends, entered in contests and giveaways, and give back to the world by supporting charitable organizations to make the world a better place.

For its fifth year, over 1.2 million community members came together in the Snowsgiving Server to help raise $512,000 in support of To Write Love on Her Arms, a nonprofit movement dedicated to presenting hope and finding help for people struggling with depression. They exist to encourage, inform, inspire, and invest directly into treatment and recovery. 

But that’s not all we did: collectively, the Snowsgiving community created 180 pieces of incredible art, 240 snowy songs of a variety of musical genres, and 30 emoji sets for every type of community out there. Every year our teams can’t picture things getting any bigger than last time, and every year y’all continue to prove otherwise.  

We drew. We sang. We played games together. We connected with some of our new best friends in unexpected ways. And over 800 community members shared the stories of what Discord means to them. Some funny, some while holding back tears — but all from the heart.

We got a little personal time with members from both the TWLOHA and Discord teams, holding panels involving everything from the Origins of Snowsgiving, to fostering thriving communities and even guidance on supporting your friends in the toughest of times. 

For the first time ever, the app itself celebrated the season with limited-time Snowsgiving sounds and visual effects. Over eight days, Snowy Surprises on the first Snowsgiving website gifted the community with special emojis, limited-time video backgrounds, Nitro Sticker packs and a snowball-throwing bot to bring cheer to every community. 

Wumpus even got sent to space! Don’t worry, they make it back to Earth (...allegedly). 

Looking for the downloadable Snowsgiving Surprises? You can still grab all the Snowsgiving Emoji Packs and Role icons below:

Don’t let moments like these only happen once a year — our Discord Townhall server was home to our end-of-year celebrations this time, meaning the community you grew fond of is sticking around even after Snowsgiving! You can keep in touch with the Discord community at discord.gg/discord-townhall to stay in the loop for any future events we hold. 

Did you make any new friends of your own or make some cherished memories during Snowsgiving, either in or out of the server? We’d love to hear about ‘em. Share your snowy experiences with us on Twitter, TikTok or Instagram

If you know someone currently struggling with depression, anxiety or anything else on their minds, To Write Love On Her Arms has invaluable resources just a click away which you can find—or save to share later— over here. We’ve also collected additional recommendations from our own team which you can find in this blog post.