Since the beginning, adding value to the lives of our users and incorporating user feedback have been the two core pillars of our product development philosophy here at Discord. We want to help make the place you spend your time with more fun, giving you more ways to customize and personalize your Discord experience and improve upon how you connect with your friends and communities.

Today we’re happy to finally share the newest product we’ve been working on — Stickers!

Did you say… STICKERS?

We’ve been super excited about this feature for quite a while now. Stickers originally started as an internal Hack Week project back in the Summer of 2019, where a few of our own dedicated sticker-obsessed employees went as far as to make an internal prototype of what stickers could be on Discord.

Personal expression is something we deeply care about here. Cropping the perfect avatar, setting your custom status using your own self-made emoji, and finding just the right blob to use in certain situations is part of what makes Discord special.

We think Stickers will be a great addition to the many ways you can express yourself within Discord.

Making Sure It Sticks Well

Continuing to incorporate user feedback has helped us build and evolve products — like Nitro and Boosting — into products that match our users’ values. From increasing Nitro’s upload limit to 100mb and lowering the number of boosts needed to hit specific levels, we listen to the community’s feedback and use it to improve the experience of everyone on the platform.

To help make sure we can refine and evolve our products to the best they can be, sometimes we also rely on slower rollouts. We care about user feedback, and doing slow releases/gated releases ensures that we’re making the space to hear our community directly.

Stickers will follow this process, first rolling out to a singular region. Starting today, Canadian users on desktop and iOS will be able to access stickers with Android coming soon.

We want to hear from our community on how they’ve enjoyed, or haven’t enjoyed, stickers, gather valuable feedback, and incorporate their ideas and feedback prior to global release around the world.

Do Nitro Users Get Anything for Sticking Around?

Along with rolling out features to everyone, we also want to make good on our promise of giving our Nitro subscribers more ways to express themselves and customize their experience. Nitro’s designed to bring extra features and fun to help make Discord yours, and we’re excited to be adding some new Sticker-centric perks so you can continue doing just that.

When Stickers releases, both current and future Nitro & Classic subscribers can claim the “What’s Up Wumpus” sticker pack for free, permanently.

We’ve also added a few unique perks for those who have an active Discord Nitro subscription: You’ll receive a 33% discount on all sticker purchases while you’re subscribed, and you can claim an exclusive “Wumpus Nitro Elite” sticker pack to use while you have an active subscription.

We’re very excited to share it with our Canadian community starting today, with our global audience coming soon. If you’re a Canadian Nitro subscriber, you can head into the new sticker shop right now to add these free sticker packs to your collection and start using them!

Sticking the Landing

We care deeply about creating paid additions that provide enhanced value to your Discord experience, making connecting with friends and communities more delightful while keeping the core product free. Stickers are the next step in that direction, and we’re very excited to share it with our Canadian community today — with our global audience coming soon.

If you’re one of the lucky Canadians that get to try out stickers first, we’d love to know what you think. Let us know by reaching out to us on Twitter, Instagram, or through our feedback forum.

If you have further questions about stickers and how they work, check out our handy Help Center article for more of the finer details.