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Hello folks, it’s Important Announcement Day™: we’re updating our Terms of Service, Privacy Policy, and Community Guidelines!

Discord has evolved in the past couple years (huge understatement, we know!). There are many more of you here now, and Discord has done some growing and changing to support all of you. As part of that growth, we want to make sure that our policies reflect our priorities and commitments to each other. 

So, you might ask, what’s actually changing? We wanted to call out some key updates here:

  • More clarity and less legalese: You’ll notice that we rewrote our Terms of Service and Privacy Policy so that mere mortals can understand them clearly.
  • How we use your information: We’ve provided more detail what information we collect, how we use and share it, and how you can control your privacy on Discord.
  • Public and private spaces: We want everyone to understand the difference between posting in public servers, like those you can find in Server Discovery, and private servers and conversations, and make sure you choose the appropriate space, features, and settings for you and your content.
  • New and updated Community Guidelines: To help make Discord a safer place for everyone, we are prohibiting harmful misinformation and will now consider off-platform behavior in some cases. We’ve also updated the protected attributes in our hate speech policy to include caste, gender identity, age, serious illness, and more. 

You can find a more detailed summary of the changes at the links below, but please do read the revised policies, as they are what actually govern your use of Discord:

These changes go into effect on March 28, 2022 — we’re telling you about them now so you can understand what’s changing before then. To agree to the changes, all you have to do is keep using Discord. If you don’t agree, you should stop using Discord (though we’d be very sad to see you go).

We put a lot of thoughts and feels into these updates — they reflect our commitment to each other and the entire Discord community, and taken together, they make Discord possible.

Thanks for reading, and let’s keep Discord awesome!

Updated 3/11/2022: We’ve moved the details of our Terms of Service, Privacy Policy and Community Guidelines changes originally written here into their respective Help Center articles.